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WHAT?I can make my own website

Try it. For a first website to get the first customers, it will work okay, but when it comes to getting the customers you want or hiring employees, your self-made website won't get far.

Why? Because I will design and create a website that is customized to your goals. By not basing your website on a WordPress theme or Wix or anything like that, we can implement even the craziest details to land your clients or employees.

Through my work with agencies, I've noticed that many don't have the time to implement a top notch website. That's not a problem, right? You get customers by word of mouth. Word of mouth customers are always very similar. Through organic customers you have a wide selection of customers and exciting projects.

OK.Bring it on

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We'll have a lunch or dinner date

Hit me up via my contact form and I will give you some tips for your website that you can implement straight away and we will see if I can help you.

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I'll analyse your goals

I analyze your potential customers to develop the best possible design for you. This design will subsequently be able to communicate your competence to your clients. This is how we ensure that you appeal to the right customers.

A high-quality presentation of your website will ensure a higher influx of customers who are considering premium services and paying accordingly.

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Your first concept

Based on the analysis I develop a concept and a first "look and feel" of your website. In this concept we will address your current problems. Here it is especially important to consider the user's flow of action to achieve what you want.

We lead the user through a thoroughly thought through plan to the desired action, for example booking an appointment via your website.

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Feedback & Refinement

After the conception we present our proposal and collect your feedback. We then implement this as desired and advise you in order to find the best possible solution for your potential clients or co-workers in addition to your feedback, which ultimately helps you to achieve your goal.

KrisNetics - Illustration of the technical development of your website

The coding starts </>

After the planning phase, the development phase begins. Here, state-of-the-art solutions such as Gatsby based on React are used to ensure a fast loading of your website, which is valuable for search engines and therefore for your growth. When a potential client enters "location" + "agency" in a search engine and you appear first, you have a clear advantage over your competitors. We also use tracking to analyse user behaviour in detail and to adapt the website to your users. Of course we keep in mind the GDPR! If your product contains large amounts of information, then the Craft CMS in connection with TWIG will be used. With this large projects can be easily realised.

KrisNetics - Illustration of the second feedback of the development of your website, app or software

Second round of Feedback & Refinement

After the development you have the possibility to provide a second feedback to ensure that all desired functions are available. This is where the technical aspects count, which ensures that the functions match your wishes.

KrisNetics - Illustration of the go live of your website after the design and development phase

Go live

Now comes the greatly prepared moment of the go live. After the go live, once a few weeks have passed, we will make sure that you have climbed up in the Google ranking and we will check if you have come closer to your desired goal or if you can see a positive difference.

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The founder of KrisNetics: Kristijan Jurcic

Kristijan Jurcic

Founder of KrisNetics Software developer since 2016

I am a passionate software developer and designer. Technology has played a role in my life since childhood. Besides technology, nature, people and animals are very important to me in life. As one or the other knows, my two tomcats also appear in video conversations again and again. I eat a vegan diet (my tomcats don't, don't worry), do weight training, boxing, ride my motorcycle or read books from the biography of Elon Musk to a book about minimalism.

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Let's talk without any strings attached and I'll give you some tips

I offer you a free analysis consultation, in which we discuss problems and possibilities of your website, app or software and I'll give you a few tips you can implement straight away.
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