Influencer Marketing Agency Design

Influencer Marketing Agency

Why does this design guarantee more customers than other designs? 🔥

🔥 Trust factor: Under "Our partners", you can see the logos of the partners of this company. For you, that could be Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, #Clubhouse? (Joking :D) or other companies. You could also put your customer logos here.

🔥 Call to Action: This CTA speaks from the visitor's point of view, to which we subliminally plant a message in the 🧠. I want to be part of the whole.

We are actively addressing a target group here by choosing to use hashtags in our header that describe our target group.

🔥 We feature a well-known influencer here (He's not actually an influencer, but hypothetically) that people know and can relate to.

🔥 The design stands out from the crowd and stays in the visitor's mind, even if he doesn't use the CTA.

Anyone here want to get a speed design from their agency's header? (Free of charge of course, as long as I'm allowed to post it on social media).

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