The team of KrisNetics

Bild vom Gründer von Krisnetics: Kristijan Jurcic

Kristijan Jurcic

Founder of KrisNetics Software developer since 2016

The team behind KrisNetics is currently easily manageable. The head of this idea is Kristijan Jurcic. He has been developing since 2016 and was enthusiastic about technology from a very young age. In his spare time he works on several projects, like the FileRenamer, which helps to optimize the time spent on naming files so that they can be used correctly on servers. The program makes sure that e.g. uppercase letters are converted to lowercase letters and that spaces and special characters are removed. Another product that Kristijan spent his spare time with was FitPlant. An app with which one could earn points by doing sports and then buy plants for his virtual garden, like the well-known App Forest. This is a motivating fitness app.

Besides applications and programs, he created everything from iOS native apps to scripts and websites for well-known companies. Kristijan is the right contact for development and design.

Other energetic employees are Bodhi, one of Kristijan's two tomcats. He is in charge of the morning work climate and thus ensures a good atmosphere. He can be found at the meetings early in the morning, mostly in the background of the video meetings.

On the other hand there is Tenzin, the second tomcat, who is responsible for amusement and the observance of the meal schedule in the evening. He is usually seen in the evening meetings.

Professional career

2020 - Now

CGI Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG



Development of administrative apps for gastronomies Development of complex websites for German authorities with regard to accessibility Technical project planning and requirements planning Customer consultation

2019 - 2020

Vier für Texas GmbH

Full Stack Webdeveloper


Development of websites for banks, book administrations, airports, insurance companies, transport companies SEO and development of management tools for products, books etc. Technical project planning and management

2017 - 2019

Agonist GmbH

Full Stack Webdeveloper


Development of websites for furniture stores, doctors and professors, banks, supermarket chains, etc. GDPR/DSGVO adjustments and training for customers due to the newly enacted law Technical partial implementation of internal management tools for tracking working time, entering appointments and project management

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