Example: Family practice Groß Großstadt the current design

Doctors Examplatory Design

Here you can see the current design of a family practice. As a potential patient, it is unfortunately very difficult for me to find the most important information on the website. As a patient, I would like to see the opening hours of the medical practice, the telephone number and the services on the homepage. Unfortunately, none of this information can be found on the first page. I once did a test with a partner: I asked him what he thinks where the opening hours are to be found. His first guess was on the contact page. Unfortunately no. His second guess was on the service page. Unfortunately also not. I then resolved it and showed him that it was on the bottom of the about us section. Very confusing. It was not only him, it is the same for me and every patient. If I as a patient cannot find such information during my search for a family doctor, I go to the next page.

Example: Groß Großstadt family practice redesign made by KrisNetics

Theexamplatory design

Here you can see my proposal for a redesign. The most important thing comes at the very beginning: The button to make an appointment. Usually a patient comes to your website to make an appointment. The most important thing should always come first. The next section on the website in the design are the services. Again, important information that should not be hidden on a subpage. At the bottom you will find the opening hours once as a separate section with a few details and then again in the footer section. Through this design we can present the most important information to the patients quickly and obviously. With such a website you would be a full step ahead of the competition. During the development it is important, especially for doctors, to pay attention to a barrier-free website. This would be of course taken care of during the development.