The current design of the ZJ-Automobile from Karben close to Frankfurt am Main


Here you can see the design of the ZJ-Automobile, before the redesign.

The introductory text was easy to overlook because of the picture. In addition, you can also see a standard header design. Centered text, with a large picture behind it. This design does not stand out from the crowd.

ZJ-Automobile redesign by KrisNetics


Here you can see the redesign by KrisNetics. You can see how the header stands out from the competition. The message of the company is made clear at first sight: cars are bought here. That was the main goal of this website. We could realize this wish perfectly in the design. In the further course of the page you get a professional and trustworthy impression of the company. The development was made with Gatsby which is baded on React.js and as the CMS*. The company wanted to be able to exchange content on a regular basis. This is guaranteed by The site was programmed in such a way that the blocks can be moved and edited as desired. In the end, however, you don't have a bloated page, as is usual with WordPress, for example, but rather, thanks to Gatsby.js, you get a static page that loads extremely quickly. Fast loading may sound uninteresting, but I have noticed how slowly many websites load. Google punishes this specifically by not showing slow websites until the 2nd, 3rd, 4.... page first. So nobody will find you on the internet and will think you do not exist. Some people may think: "It's not that bad...", because when searching with the name of the company, they end up directly in the first place. That is unfortunately not true. Because on another site I noticed that everything else came from the company, like social media sites, until the website itself appeared. Sometimes it took 4 Google pages - and let's be honest: Who clicks through 4 pages of Google results when it has to go fast?

*CMS stands for Content Management System which allows the owner of the site to enter content into these systems.

An illustration for the testimonial

Ourclients opinion

"The company KrisNetics analyzed our situation and our reach in advance, which showed us very quickly that customers are looking for a more precise description and a more precise focus of the business in our case used car purchase and sale.

Thanks to KrisNetics we finally have a website that serves as our business card and presents our business in a professional way.

Our website now looks professional and appealing. This is exactly what we wanted.

We recommend KrisNetics very much because of his reliability and professionalism." by ZJ-Automobile